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The HKMC Annuity Plan

Offers a lifelong guaranteed income to provide you a worry-free retirement journey.

Immediate Benefit

Receive annuity payments from next month

Guaranteed Income

A fixed monthly amount guaranteed

Lifetime Promise

Secure a lifelong income

HKMC Annuity Plan Overview

Insurance company

HKMC Annuity Limited (Wholly owned by the Exchange Fund1)


Hong Kong permanent residents aged 60 or above

Premium payment

Single premium


HK$50,000 - HK$5,000,0002

Benefit term and annuity income period


Death Benefit

Monthly payment until the Guaranteed Period ends / Lump sum payment

Special withdrawal arrangement

Withdraw up to 100% of the remaining balance of the premium paid3 to cover medical-related expenses. The maximum lifetime withdrawal limit for each insured is HK$1,000,0004.

Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Payment
(Based on a HK$1,000,000 single premium)

$ 5,100

6.1% Annuity payout rate6

Age at application5

$ 4,700

5.6% Annuity payout rate6

“Lifelong Dual Booster” offer^
Pay Less and Get More

Annuity Classroom Videos

Let your fruitful retirement journey begins

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  1. HKMC Annuity Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited which is wholly owned by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government through the Exchange Fund.
  2. The minimum premium per policy is HK$50,000, while the maximum individual premium cap per insured is HK$5,000,000.
  3. Regardless of how many policy(ies) issued by HKMC Annuity Limited the insured owns, such a withdrawal can only be made once in the insured’s lifetime. The insured must submit one single application for all the medical and dental expenses in respect of the insured for all policies issued by HKMC Annuity Limited whether in respect of one or more than one medical and dental treatment / examination. Once a single application has been made and accepted by HKMC Annuity Limited, no other application will be accepted.
  4. The aggregate withdrawal limit of HK$1,000,000 is the total maximum amount that may be withdrawn for medical and dental expenses once in the insured’s lifetime for all the policies issued by HKMC Annuity Limited in respect of the same insured. If a single application has been made and accepted by HKMC Annuity Limited, and the special withdrawal amount as specified in the application is less than HK$1,000,000, then the insured will only be entitled to receive the specified special withdrawal amount approved for the application. HKMC Annuity Limited will not accept further application for special withdrawal of the balance in respect of any medical and dental expenses not submitted and approved for the single application.
  5. Age last birthday of the insured at application.
  6. Annuity payout rate, as annuity rate, is calculated as follows: Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Payment x 12 / premium x 100%. Assuming a 60-year-old female applies for the HKMC Annuity Plan with HK$1,000,000 and the Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Payment is HK$4,700, the annuity payout rate would be 5.6% (HK$4,700 x 12 / HK$1,000,000 x 100%). If partial surrender or special withdrawal has been made, the subsequent guaranteed monthly annuity payments will be reduced.
  7. Assume no partial or full surrender has been made under the policy.
  8. The total annuity payments received is the cumulative Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Payments received up to the date the death claim application is received by HKMC Annuity Limited.

The promotion period: 29 April 2024 to 31 December 2024. The promotion is subject to terms and conditions. Please refer to the sales leaflets for more details.

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