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Tips for choosing a retirement financial product

Retirement Manual


Facing different kinds of expenses, it is important to have the right retirement financial portfolio to give yourself the financial protection you need during your long retirement years.

Insurance and Investment Products are two common product categories for retirement financial planning. The two are often weighted against each other, but their functions and nature are different.

Insurance and Investment Products are Fundamentally Different

Insurance Products

Investment Products

Core objectives

Risk management

Capital Appreciation


Transfer the risks to insurance companies in order to receive financial protection by paying premiums.

Invest to achieve capital appreciation through the return-on-capital gain.
Risk and return are related in general.

Major considerations

What kinds of risks will you face during your retirement?
Is there sufficient protection?

Can you bear the potential risks associated with the expected returns after retirement?

Common products

· Annuities
· Medical Insurances
· Critical Illness Insurances
· Life Insurances

· Stocks
· Funds
· Bonds
· Time Deposits

Longevity can be a risk?

Hong Kong people are living longer nowadays. If we do not have a comprehensive retirement financial plan, our savings may be exhausted early when we live longer than expected. Among various financial tools, a life annuity is the ONLY insurance product in the Hong Kong insurance market that can hedge longevity risk.

HKMC Annuity Plan

HKMC Annuity Plan1 is a life annuity. It is a long-term insurance product that aims to convert your savings into a life-long steady income stream orderly to hedge longevity risk. You can enjoy a stream of stable, guaranteed monthly annuity payments for life, together with the flexible options to handle medical expenses after paying a single premium payment!

Eligibility Criteria:

Hong Kong permanent residents who are 60 years old or above

Premium Amount:

HK$50,0002  to HK$5,000,0003

Flexible Arrangement: 

Special Withdrawal for Medical and Dental Expenses4

Want to find out how much guaranteed monthly annuity income you can receive? Use the HKMC Annuity Plan Calculator to find out now! If you have other questions, you can also make an appointment with our professional consultants.

Make an appointment now!


1 The product involves risks and is subject to terms and conditions.

2 The minimum premium amount of each policy.

3 The individual premium cap per insured.

4 Please refer to the product brochure for details and terms and conditions applicable to Special Withdrawal for Medical and Dental Expenses.

Disclaimer: The HKMC Annuity Plan is a life insurance product subject to terms and conditions and involves risks. This material is for reference only. This content is only intended for use in Hong Kong and shall not be construed as an offer to sell, solicitation to purchase or provision of any insurance products outside Hong Kong by the HKMCA.

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Tips for choosing a retirement financial product

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