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Tips for Lifelong Dual Booster offer

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The brand new "Lifelong Dual Booster" Offer provided by the HKMC Annuity Plan (Plan) not only offers increased income protection to customers, but also enables them to "Pay Less and Get More" through the Premium Discount Offer.

The dual offer has received an overwhelming response. We have compiled a set of tips that can guide you in generating a lifelong income through the Plan and maximizing the benefits of the dual offer.

Mr. Cheung, 60 years old, and a member of the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, can enjoy the dual offer as follows:

Booster 1: "Lifelong Monthly Income Booster"1

Get more annuity income. Applicable to the first HK$300,000 premium of Mr. Cheung's new applications, allowing him to enjoy 25% extra monthly annuity income2 for life


Booster 2: Premium Discount Offer3, save 2% at application

Pay less premium. Applicable to the remaining premium amount



Premium Amount: HK$1,300,000

Mr. Cheung's Monthly Annuity Income

Booster 1: "Lifelong Monthly Income Booster"1


Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Payment2:

Extra Monthly Payment (HK$1,530 x 25%):




+ HK$382.5


Booster 2:
Premium Discount Offer3


Guaranteed Monthly Annuity Payment2: HK$5,100

Eligible for a 2% premium discount, paying only HK$980,000 (HK$20,000 less)!

Total Monthly Annuity Income:HK$7,012.5

Mr. Cheung not only receives an additional annual annuity income of HK$4,590 (HK$382.5 per month x 12), but also saves HK$20,000 at the time of application!  


Other frequently asked questions

Question 1: Is the promotional offer limited to a choice between two options? Is it most "advantageous" to apply with a HK$300,000 premium?

Answer 1: Absolutely not. You can enjoy both! In the example of Mr. Cheung, for the first HK$300,000 premium of new applications per customer, customer can enjoy the "Lifelong Monthly Income Booster"1. Any amount exceeding the first HK$300,000 is eligible for the Premium Discount Offer3. When determining the appropriate insurance amount, it is advisable to conduct a financial needs analysis to assess your protection needs, financial status and affordability.  


Question 2: Who are the "Eligible Customers" of the Premium Discount Offer3?

Answer 2: "Eligible Customers" include Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes or Occupational Retirement Schemes members, as well as AMIGOS By HKMC members.


Question 3: Is the dual offer applicable to new customers only?

Answer 3: Absolutely not. Whether you are a new or existing customer, as long as a successful application is made during the promotion period, you have the chance to enjoy the dual offer. 


If you have any other questions, feel free to schedule an appointment with us. Use the HKMC Annuity Plan calculator now to estimate how much extra annuity income you can enjoy through the "Lifetime Monthly Income Booster"1.


Download this content

Sales leaflet of "Lifelong Monthly Income Booster"

Sales leaflet of Premium Discount Offer


1 The promotion is subject to a per-life premium cap of HK$300,000 premium for each customer. Promotion starts from 29 April to 31 December 2024. The promotion is subject to terms and conditions.  

2 Guaranteed monthly annuity payment varies with the customer's age and gender at application. If partial surrender or special withdrawal has been made, the subsequent guaranteed monthly annuity payments will be reduced.

3 Premium Discount Offer starts from 29 April to 31 December 2024, the promotion is subject to terms and conditions.

The HKMC Annuity Plan is a life insurance product subject to terms and conditions and involves risks. This material is for reference only and only intended for use in Hong Kong. It shall not be construed as an offer to sell, solicitation to purchase or provision of any products outside Hong Kong by the HKMCA.

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